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Prior report of Grady Jarrett asking for Aaron Donald money is “grossly over stated”

You can now stop hyperventilating into that paper bag.

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Remember those dark times of reports Grady Jarrett is asking for Aaron Donald money? Yes, all of our eyes collectively blew out of their skulls thinking of trying to fit $22.5 million per year average under the cap. Jarrett is certainly a special talent the Falcons need to keep but that number is bonkers.

We passed along the news from former Falcons quarterback and current radio analyst Dave Archer, who said, “They are not in the same ballpark right now. Grady’s agent is asking for Aaron Donald money.”

Archer has followed that up by saying he used some bad judgement and poor wording. According to his Twitter account, the report is simply not true.

Jeff Schultz at The Athletic followed that up by noting that he checked into Archer’s comments and found there was nothing there, as well:

Jarrett, meanwhile, expressed frustration in an Instagram story with the report, and by blogs we think he’s presumably mentioning here, on 92.9, and a handful of other sites.

His frustration is understandable here, whether or not the demands were accurate, because nobody likes to have their contract discussion aired out. If it’s off, it’s opening him to criticism from fans that was A) not justified in the first place but B) understandable for Falcons fans afraid of losing one of the team’s best defenders. It’s also hard to blame Archer for giving his read on the situation, even if it was a mistake, or for anyone hearing it to think it was noteworthy.

But anyways, phew. I would hate to see Jarrett leave for more cash when the team likely has him slotted for a Fletcher Cox-type deal. It’s also worrisome when a side leaks difficulties in contract negotiations as it is usually a sign of mounting frustration.

It’s concerning that Jarrett is under contract for only two more games with the team, however, the smart money is on Jarrett getting a new deal in the offseason, either before or after receiving the franchise tag from the Falcons.