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The Falcoholic’s Fan Spotlight: Meet Katie

Let’s hear from the fans!

Greetings Falcoholics, I’m back with another Fan Spotlight to highlight a fellow Falcons fan for the week.

This week’s Fan Spotlight is on Katie. She was born and raised in Georgia until she was 27, when she moved to Mississippi.

“It’s hard living in enemy territory and being only about an hour away from the epicenter of evil (aka the Superdome), but I don’t let that stop me from shading Saints fans whenever I can. It’s my duty as a Falcons fan!” Katie said.

How did you become an Atlanta Falcons fan?

My mom and dad are New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers fans, respectively, since they’re originally from those areas. We’ve always been a big football family. I actually started watching the Minnesota Vikings first due to the incredible Culpepper-Moss connection, and the fact that the Vikings were the only team I could beat my brother with on Blitz 2000, haha. But above all, I always cheered for the home team Falcons. It wasn’t until the lost year that I truly considered myself a super fan. That time period really tested fans and separated the die hards. When your team goes through so much turmoil and bad luck, how can you NOT feel endeared to them? You stand with the city, pure and simple. Also, f*** Bobby Petrino!

What’s your favorite Atlanta Falcons’ moment?

How can I possibly pick one moment?! The curse of being a Falcons fan is wanting to choose Alford’s pick six in the Super Bowl, because that was possibly my happiest moment as a fan. But I’d rather not relive that night. So, I’ll rewind to the NFC Championship that year. Stomping Green Bay in the final game that the Georgia Dome would host was so full of emotion! The dome deserved that kind of sendoff, and so did the fans.

What’s your outlook on the future of the Atlanta Falcons?

I tend to not get my hopes up (or crushed) before the last game is played. That way I’m not disappointed with draft order, which is definitely going to become relevant considering we could easily win these last games. I’m a huge UGA homer and I always pull for some good Georgia draft picks, so this year I’m hoping the Falcons pay attention to Deandre Baker. Lord knows we could use his talents. With offseason moves ... where to begin? New OC and DC, which hurts to admit because I’ve liked Manuel up until this year. It’s a shame this has turned into a rebuilding year, but there’s no hiding from it now. I’m happy we have Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and the big skill players we do. It’s much easier to find support than to luck into elite players like them. There are reasons to be thankful and optimistic, even after this year! After all, we’re Falcons fans, we can handle anything.

Well folks, that does it for this week’s Fan Spotlight. A special thank you to Katie for sharing her background with us, and make sure to give her a follow on Twitter at @Kaytea48. As always, if you want to be the next ‘Fan Spotlight’ or know of someone who deserves to be, let me know on Twitter where you can find me at @EvanBirchfield. Thanks for reading Falcoholics, and GO FALCONS!