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Falcons vs vs. Ravens: Game tied 10 to 10 to start second half open thread

Despite an uneven performance, the Atlanta Falcons have a nice lead thanks to... Vic Beasley? What in the world.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The defense? Not bad but not great. The offense? Not bad but not great. Atlanta Falcons fans need to thank Vic Beasley for his absurd fumble recovery and touchdown run.

Wanna watch it again? Let’s watch it again.

Matt Ryan has been on point most of the game but his receivers and offensive line have let him down a number of times. Calvin Ridley, I’m looking at you. The offense has not scored since their first drive where they were limited to a field goal. 88 yards of offense.

Lamar Jackson looked electric on his first scoring drive but they have slowed down too. It’s a very low scoring affair so the game is still definitely up for grabs.

Deion Jones is back and making an impact on the field. The defense didn’t look as good as last season, but is definitely more complete than this season. Zane Beadles, filling in for Ben Garland, isn’t looking bad at all.

The offense needs to sustain a few more drives to stay on top of the Ravens. Jackson is definitely a threat to score at any time and the Ravens are better built to churn out a few long, punishing drives.

Hopefully Steve Sarkisian has some better adjustments to get more points on the board.