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Alex Mack, Julio Jones to represent the Falcons in the Pro Bowl

As is often the case, there were more deserving Falcons, but only two made it.

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have had a pretty catastrophic season, and in light of that, it’s little surprise they’re only sending two players to the Pro Bowl. Those two players are also not surprising in the least, really.

The first is Julio Jones, who is in the midst of yet another terrific season. This is his sixth Pro Bowl nod since he arrived in the NFL back in 2011, and he’s up to 100 receptions for 1,511 yards and six touchdowns in this lost year. He’s one of the best receivers in the NFL by a country mile and is incredibly deserving of this nod.

Alex Mack is a bit less deserving, but it’s still good to see him go. This is also Mack’s sixth Pro Bowl nod, and he’s been a durable anchor for this offensive line yet again as it crumbles around him. He just hasn’t been as good in 2018 as he was in 2016 and 2017 for the Falcons, and it’s more or less inarguable that Jake Matthews has had a better season at left tackle. Mack has the name recognition and is playing at a position where he has less stiff competition, however, so he’s going. Again, kudos to him.

The obvious snubs here are Damontae Kazee, who has had a fine season and that big flashy interception number in his favor, Matthews, and Matt Ryan, who is arguably enjoying a better statistical season than Jared Goff, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers but is playing for a lesser team. Ryan will likely make it as an alternate with Goff and Brees headed to the playoffs, but it’s still a bit disappointing to see these guys not getting their due. You could also make a strong case for Grady Jarrett, who missed a couple of games but is enjoying his best season ever statistically.

Congratulations to Jones and Mack, either way,