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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Dec. 18

Come ride this little pocket of good Falcons feelings with the links.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Falcons fans near and far!

Well, it’s Christmas season, and you’re on the mall mile, trying to figure out just what to get those special someones in your life for the holiday season.

Consider stocking your stuffings with some brand-new links!

Oh No, Not Ito

Well, a bummer of bummers has stricken the Birds once again.

Promising rookie Ito Smith has been placed on IR with a knee injury.

We’re used to the whole “losing a player for the season” thing by now here in Falconland, and the season’s about over anyway. But Smith was really beginning to come into his own down the stretch there, which makes this still pretty sad. He’s got a bright future ahead, so heal up, Judge. We’ll be seeing you soon.

Playing the Right Cards

As you know, Atlanta won big Sunday against Arizona. We’ve got plenty of reminiscing to do on the fun afternoon, so here’s what to read from the Falcoholic funnel.

We’ve got Allen’s analysis of the game, Dave’s recap, D.W.’s offensive and defensive players of the game and Adnan’s weekly fantasy stud and dud.

I’ve Got the Need...the Need for Debo Speed

Deion Jones reminded us all how amazing he is Sunday with a pick-six of rookie Josh Rosen, one of the few sincere highlights the team has from this last two months.

He topped out at a pretty impressive speed, if you’d like to see how fast he went.

Hint: it was really, really fast. Even for Deion Jones.

Let Falcon Be Falcon

17 years ago Monday, Arthur Blank made his bid for the Atlanta Falcons.

The team commemorated the moment with a Tweet, signaling Blank’s West Wing-y offer on a napkin.

So, those are the links, friends. Go on and enjoy the holiday season, and save a gingerbread cookie for your old pal Cory if you can.