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Just 7% of Falcons fans polled ahead of Week 15 feel confident about the direction of the team

I’m surprised 7% still feel okay about it at this point.

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

If you thought the fanbase’s confidence in this team had reached rock bottom, the last week probably denuded you of that notion. Even the starriest-eyed fans and writers here are just plain tired of the Falcons at this point, and the Green Bay game somehow managed to be a new low in a season full of fresh ones.

Fittingly, the results of our weekly FanPulse survey bear that out. The percentage of fans polled who are confident in the direction of the team is, I kid you not, 7%. There are holdouts even in these dark days, though they’re down from 10% a week ago, and one presumes they’re either delighted with the prospect of a top draft pick or confident in the team’s direction going forward despite everything.

Can things get even worse? Reader, I submit that they can, because the Falcons are playing the Cardinals and a loss to that team would be the worst of the season. That might knock the last handful of true believers off the wagon, and it’ll certainly mean a new set of headaches for the team and fans alike.

The Falcons are not the first team to mightily disappoint fans with high expectations, but certainly they’ve done an impressive job of it. May these fan confidence polls be much more cheerful a year from now.