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The NFL salary cap is expected to rise by $10-$14 million in 2019

That extra money will benefit every team, and it gives the Falcons more flexibility to work with.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons could use some more cap space this coming offseason as they attempt to recover from an abomination of a season. Fortunately, they’ll be getting it, along with 31 other NFL teams.

The NFL’s salary cap is expected to rise by $10-$14 million in 2019, a huge increase for a league that was supposed to be in trouble a short time ago. For the Falcons, who may be on the cusp of making a few key cuts to the roster, it’s adding to a windfall that might allow them to re-make the weakest spots on their roster in short order. They’ll need to be effective and pragmatic to make that happen, but they’ve been that in the past, albeit rarely both at once.

For the Falcons, who need an elite pass rusher, an upgrade at right tackle, left guard, or both, plus help at a half-dozen other positions, this money is a big deal. The Falcons should still be able to entice free agents to the city, despite their awfulness this season, and could get above $60 million in cap space if they’re willing to clear the decks.

They may not elect to do so, but the option will be there, and some lucky free agents are going to get richer than they otherwise might have this offseason. May this be a mighty offseason for the Falcons with their additional cap space.