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Should Dan Quinn go all in on Gary Kubiak?

Quinn is feeling the heat as losses pile up and the offense struggling. Could the former Broncos and Texans head coach take Steve Sarkisian’s spot?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are a lot like a hard shell taco. Great ingredients, it sure looks delicious, and in no time the entire thing has fallen apart into an unrecognizable mess on your plate. Halfway through and you are stuck shoveling the mess with a fork, one step away from eating trash off the ground. The Falcons are shoveling the trash that is the broken remains of the 2018 season.

There’s a number of problems with the team. Defensively, a few fresh faces and a couple of returning veterans will provide a big boost. Offensively, they desperately need new coaching. The offensive line has struggled but there’s no excuse for the recent performances. The offenses has had their highs and lows, which is inexcusable for how long Steve Sarkisian has had to get adjusted.

The top option? Former Houston Texans and Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak.

Kubiak is an offensive genius part of four (!) Super Bowl championship teams, most recently as head coach of Peyton Manning and his dead arm. Greg Knapp has a long history with Kubiak running a similar offense. Kyle Shanahan spent years working his way up the Texans coaching staff under Kubiak. This is the same offense Matt Ryan has been playing under for four seasons, just with a better football mind behind it.

Kubiak stepped away from the game due to, at least partially, health issues after the 2016 season. He has been a consultant with the Broncos since and was handed an even bigger role last year. This year? Many think he returns as an offensive coordinator. Per the loose report that doesn’t specifically mention Kubiak’s intentions, many around the league expect him to be available and the Broncos reportedly support him in returning to coaching.

If he’s available, what better option is there than Kubiak? Dan Quinn doesn’t have the job security to “try out” another unproven coach. Kubiak could come to a similar stacked roster and veteran team as his last Super Bowl team, albeit with much better quarterback arm strength. He’s not starting out at zero and can most certainly become one of the league’s highest paid coordinators. The team already has his good buddy Greg Knapp.

Kubiak can try recreating the same offense that made Matt Ryan an MVP and brought the Falcons to a Super Bowl. It may be Quinn’s best chance to keep his job past 2019.