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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Dec. 11

Links for your thinks.

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Alright, so things aren’t great aboard the S.S. Falcons right now.

The team is at a paltry 4-9, marred by any number of issues that prevent from putting in an effort worthy of victory. Quite frankly, they just stink right now, and there’s no fixing it.

But we’ve still got three games left to drag through, so let’s link in with the Falcons this morning and see what’s what.

Pack It In

Well, with the season pretty much donezo right now, we might as well survey the week that was and dissect what we can in this horrid performance.

Head honcho Dave Choate broke down the game from his vantage, D.W. decided on the offensive and defensive players of the week, Allen Strk brought forth his analysis of the afternoon and Adnan Ikic took a look at what the rest of the NFC South was up to Sunday.

All That’s Left to Discuss

A few remaining notes from the Packers pummeling: Matt Ryan found some cool history to make in his eleventh season, and the team tried out two new guys at fullback.

That seems to be the story of the Atlanta Falcons. They make history while fiddling around with roster spots in a nightmare season.

Draft Day Dreaming

Look, it’s more than fine to be in draft mode right now. The team is effectively tanking, and boy howdy, what a tank it is.

One of our resident draft gurus, Eric Robinson, took a look at the position group you’re all wondering about: defensive line. Come celebrate a potential top-5 pick with us!

Good News for Hoop

Though he got hurt a bit later in the game, it looks like Falcons TE Austin Hooper is just fine, at least in terms of a long-term issue.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the team will play him Sunday against Arizona, but it doesn’t mean he won’t play either. If he can’t go, the team’s a bit thin at tight end with Logan Paulsen also ailing.

Don’t be surprised if they call up TE Jaeden Graham off the practice squad and feature Eric Saubert heavily against the Cardinals.

Best of Enemies

Two guys who have know what it’s like to be hurt are Deion Jones and Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers missed a good portion of 2017, as did Jones in 2018.

The two exchanged pleasantries Sunday, both two of the best at what they do. It’s a nice moment!

Alright, those are the links, friends. Go attack the day with more effectiveness than your favorite football team (unless you’re an Alabama fan first, which, in that case, you’re par for the course).