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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Nov. 8

We proudly call this The Bruce Irvin Edition.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Here at The Falcoholic, we’re pretty darn happy about Bruce Irvin joining the Atlanta Falcons for at least the rest of 2018.

This edition of Falcoholinks will lead off with all the good stuff we have on Irvin, the exciting Debo news and other newsy news to peruse. So sit back, take a sip of morning molten and enjoy the links.

The Ones with Bruce Irvin

As you know, Irvin is now a Falcons player, and the world is grand. Head honcho Dave Choate throws in his two cents in the breaking story attached.

We’ve also got Irvin and head coach Dan Quinn’s reactions to the news and a breakdown of his new deal.

Look for some more Irvin-y analysis throughout the day as we all celebrate what could be a new pass rusher for Atlanta for the next few seasons if he re-signs with the team.

Hey, Look, It’s Debo!

The good news continued Wednesday as it was reported that Falcons LB Deion Jones returned to practice to begin acclimating back to being active after being out for the last two or so months with a foot injury.

Matt Chambers threw in some idea of when he thinks Debo could be back along with some general takes on his return. It’s going to be huge to get him back in the scheme, though he’ll need a few weeks to really get his speed and general domination back. It’s exciting to have him returning for 2018 with the team beginning to turn things around.

NFL insider Ian Rapoport not only strongly hinted that Jones could return on Nov. 18 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Obviously, this is huge news for Atlanta, with running back Ezekiel Elliott stopping by Atlanta for the Dallas game. They’d get a huge boost to stop him with Jones in the fold. It’d also mean he’d have a game under his belt before the big Thanksgiving bout with New Orleans in the Super Dome, and Jones really is the type of player that could help Atlanta pull off an upset there. He’s that dynamic a talent.

Don’t Leave, Tevin!

Falcons RB Tevin Coleman spoke to Atlanta media Wednesday and spoke a little bit on his future. Here, he says that he wants to stay in Atlanta, which is encouraging for those that want to see him in a Falcons uniform for the next few seasons.

Is it realistic to think he would stay? Who’s to say. I’m sure he wants to be here, but sometimes, the contract has the final say. It didn’t for Irvin, though. Coleman is set for a windfall once March rolls around. We’ll have to see if it’s from Atlanta, though it’s great to hear him say he wants to stick around.

Cleveland Rocks!

We’re gearing up for Sunday’s big Cleveland trip. Kevin, Eric and the rest of the Falcoholic folks have you covered with The Falcoholic Live’s preview of the game, and Dave checks in to see what player from the team you’d want to join the Falcons. Mine’s Myles Garrett, of course and sees what the odds makers say.

Well, you’ve got your links. You’ve got a good feeling inside of you that you just can’t shake. You’ve got that pep in your step to get out the door. Life’s good, folks!

We’ll see you tomorrow bright and early for more links.