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Falcons fan confidence hikes thanks to 38-14 win over Washington

Falcons fans are big believers again.

Atlanta Falcons v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It turns out that all we needed to go from rock bottom in fan confidence to hovering around 75% was a three game winning streak featuring the best defensive performances the Falcons have mustered since Week 1. Who knew it was so simple?

Sarcasm aside, the Falcons have gotten this fanbase invested again in short order. They’ve done so by embarking on a winning streak capped off by a 38-14 thumping of Washington that addressed basically every concern we had about this incarnation of the Falcons—the lackluster defense, the play on the road, and the ground game and run blocking—and made it easy to hope anew.

That’s why our FanPulse survey reveals a major spike here heading into Week 10, and the highest overall confidence level from those Falcons fans polled since the post-Week 3 victory high against the Panthers.

Time will tell whether this new confidence level is warranted, but there’s little point in denying that the Falcons look better now than they have at any other point in the season, and better than many of us thought they could possibly be given the attrition on both sides of the ball. With two manageable games coming up and an opportunity to knock off the Saints on Thanksgiving, it’s possible we’ll see these levels spike up even higher soon.