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Bruce Irvin turned down other offers to join Falcons, Dan Quinn comments on signing

The good morning of Irvin continues.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons unveiled a November surprise with the addition of veteran pass rusher Bruce Irvin Wednesday morning.

Irvin, a former Dan Quinn Seattle guy and recently-released Raider, told ESPN’s Vaughn McClure that he had interest elsewhere, noting two powerhouse AFC teams.

Irvin also shared this sentiment from his own Twitter page.

We’ve talked before about Quinn’s recruiting power, and no doubt that played a part here. Players really do seem to love to be in DQ’s system, so eternal kudos on him for making Atlanta a desirable destination to be.

Irvin is also someone from the city, which absolutely helps here. It’s awesome that he gets to come home and continue his career.

Quinn also shared a few thoughts on the initial addition.

Quinn knows he’s getting a guy that knows the system and will be ready to go immediately. That’s why there’s such optimism that he will be ready to go for Cleveland this weekend (plus, he’s already got a sack on that team from Oakland’s game against them earlier in the year).

It’s just one of those obvious benefits to have Irvin here, and it’s going to help out the pass rush, at least somewhat.

One Falcons pass rusher has already shared his excitement for his new teammate.

There are good feelings all around for Irvin’s signing. It’ll be exciting to see him finally in a Falcons uniform and getting after opposing quarterbacks once Sunday’s game enters the picture.