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Julio Jones needs just 13 yards against the Browns to hit 10,000 faster than anyone else in NFL history

He can do it against the team that effectively traded him away, too.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After yet another big day against Washington—this one featuring an actual score!—Julio Jones is on the cusp of becoming just the second Falcons receiver to reach 10,000 yards. He’s 13 away with a matchup against the Browns looming next Sunday afternoon,

There would be a sort of cosmic justice if this happens—and it seems exceedingly likely to, given that Julio needs just 13 yards—because Cleveland was the team that traded their pick to Atlanta in the first place. The Falcons got a generational wide receiver who is on the cusp of 10,000 yards and might be considered for Canton when he retires. The Browns got four years of solid play from Phil Taylor, a first round defensive tackle, virtually nothing out of second round wide receiver Greg Little, not much out of fourth-round fullback Owen Marecic, and ancient quarterback Brandon Weeden for their troubles. They also traded away a fourth round pick, meaning their entire draft haul contributed...well, not much.

It didn’t seem like a lock at the time, but while the Julio trade emptied out Atlanta’s coffers in the short term and certainly contributed to the hard times this franchise faced in 2013 and 2014, it also gave them one of the premier talents in football at his position. All Julio has done since he was drafted is enable this passing game to succeed at a high level, and that’s all he continues to do today.

For reference, Julio would be the fastest ever to 10,000 yards, and is currently 49th overall on the all-time receiving yardage leaders list. He’s not going to catch Jerry Rice and his eye-popping 22,895 career yards, but everyone up to #2 on the list is in play, given that Terrell Owens only (ha) has 15,934 career yards. At his current pace, Julio would get there in 4-5 seasons, which is crazy in and of itself. Julio also leads all receivers in NFL history in terms of yards per game, is 58th and rising on the career receptions list, and is really only lagging behind in touchdown receptions. His career has been a joy to watch, and we’re really just waiting for the Super Bowl-winning touchdown reception at this point. Please and thank you.

So fully expect Julio to hit this milestone Sunday as we continue to appreciate this offense for its excellence here in 2018.