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Deion Jones could play for the Falcons as soon as November 18

Yes, we are potentially under two weeks away from the return of Atlanta’s best defensive player.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons started the season off by losing some of their best defensive players. The injuries mounted even faster than the losses, and we definitely felt the Falcons were unlikely to bounce back from their 1-4 record.

Deion Jones was slated to potentially return this season, but why bother when the Falcons were destined a losing record? It became an afterthought for what was shaping up as a lost season.

Since week 5, the Falcons have won. And they have looked great doing it. Dan Quinn has finally replaced Jordan Richards and Duke Riley and the defense has been pretty good. The Falcons are starting backups at both guard spots and protection has been better than ever.

The defense is good, the offense is great, and the Falcons may have one last game before Deion Jones comes back.


The Falcons could actually be in the battle for the playoffs, and a healthy Jones would be huge. I say that to also mention that Quinn has not given us a clear idea on the return, only providing his vague but optimistic thoughts on Jones.

The Falcons are now .500 and are looking at winnable games against the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys, with games further down the line against the struggling Ravens, the decimated Cardinals, and the always terrible Buccaneers.

Win those and the Falcons are 9-7, right in the wildcard range.

went down with a vague foot injury in Week 1. Based on rest he was given in preseason, I’m guessing Dan Quinn gave some vague explanation of the injury after Jones was placed on injured reserve after Week 1. Based on the fact he sat out preseason, and underwent a “procedure,” I’m guessing Jones probably underwent surgery for a grade 3 turf toe injury. Google estimates (our most scientific source available) suggest he could return after he finishes out his 8 games on injured reserve, but the ranges vary. Since he has recently started running on the sidelines at practice, he is certainly trending in the right direction.

The Falcons could definitely use a little help to stay in competition for a playoff spot. Getting the team’s best defensive player would be a lot of help.