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More Matt Ryan milestones may materialize in Maryland

When the Falcons play Washington, Ryan can move up the career passer rankings and set a new NFL record.

New York Giants v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s a pass-happy league now, and marks that once stood for decades now seem to crumble in mere seasons. In light of that, Matt Ryan’s accomplishments may or may not seem impressive to you, but regardless of that, he’s breaking new ground on a regular basis.

Take this upcoming game against Washington. Given their stout run defense, it’s likely Ryan will have to sling the ol’ pigskin around a bit, and while doing so he can set two new marks. I thought you might like to know about them.

Ryan Tannehill isn’t the most inspiring company, I’ll grant you, but this is one Ryan has a legitimate shot at. He was lights out against the Giants as he completed 18 in a row, coming within four of the all-time single game mark, and he can set the NFL’s two game mark just by completing eight in a row. I said just there because it hardly seems insurmountable with Ryan’s current level of play and supporting cast.

The second mark isn’t an out-and-out NFL record, but it’s noteworthy.

The ranking is a little hard to verify—some places list him in the top ten and others have him smack dab at #13—but Ryan would be at 50 if he does this, and he would indeed pass Moon on the list. He’d also be a single game away from tying Dan Fouts, and virtually everyone ahead of him on the list at that point would be a current or future Hall of Famer. Ryan’s ability to win a ring in his career and the number of years left in that career will likely determine whether he actually makes it to Canton—I don’t want to kick off that debate today—but he continues to keep interesting company.

Let’s hope he hits both marks on Sunday, and more importantly still, lets hope he plays a major role in getting this Falcons team to a win.