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This week’s big question: Will the Falcons offense finally get going again?

They’re overdue.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Later today, DW will take you through the Falcons’ offense versus the Ravens defense, which is not the kind of matchup we should take lightly. The Baltimore defense is capable of playing like one of the league’s best units, and that’s not small thing in a league where defense is at a premium. No one will be surprised if the Falcons once again fail to score over 20 points.

But honestly, we should be. This Falcons offense is bristling with weapons to an extent only seen in the NFL’s best offenses, yet they’ve been mediocre in three straight weeks. That’s on the offensive line, the play calling, and the overall execution of this offense, which has squandered multiple stellar performances from Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, great games from Mohamed Sanu, Calvin Ridley and Austin Hooper, and even a couple of big efforts from Tevin Coleman in a hit-or-miss campaign. Something has to give.

Fortunately, the Falcons are at home where they’re more comfortable and are thinking about shaking up a shaky offensive line. They’re also well overdue for an explosion after letting the Browns, Cowboys and Saints dictate their production over the last three weeks, which hurts. Unfortunately, they still have a shaky offensive line, their execution issues have persisted all year, and they still have no ground game heading into a matchup against a very capable defense. Atlanta’s talent will eventually win out—this week seems like as good a time as any—but they’re not quite the elite unit we hoped they’d be.

So I say yes, the Falcons score more than 20 points this week, which is a minor victory. If the offense really gets rolling again, though, they can win this game, and it’s at the very least on the table.