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Falcons vs. Saints odds: Atlanta’s a road turkey and a 13 point underdog


New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

From 2012-2016, the Saints went 7-9 in four out of five seasons. Not that long ago, it seemed likely that this Saints team was doomed to squander Drew Brees’ final seasons, but things have unfortunately changed.

The Saints were terrific a year ago and are better now, with a string of impressive victories against teams that are either legitimately good or were supposed to be. It seems like injuries or the clock striking midnight are about the only things that are going to slow this New Orleans team down, though we obviously hope they fall well short of a Super Bowl. In light of that, it’s little surprise that the oddsmakers have the Saints as huge favorites against the Falcons on Thanksgiving. The only surprise is just how many points they’re favored to win by.

The line opened at 10 points and has moved all the way to around 13, making the Saints essentially two touchdown favorites against Atlanta. That’s the most in a long, long time, and it speaks to both how well New Orleans has done and how disappointing the Falcons have been the last couple of weeks that a traditionally tight rivalry is being viewed in that light. The mere thought of a game where the Saints win by 13 points if churning my stomach, so let’s hope the oddsmakers turn out to be very wrong. It’s still tough to argue with their conclusion, given everything.