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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Nov. 21

The Saints are going to ruin Thanksgiving, aren’t they?

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Dallas aftermath seems like yesterday, but the Falcons have a quick turnaround as they head into New Orleans determined to give you indigestion on Thanksgiving. Should they somehow contain the vaunted Saints offense it would put the icing on a day full of meat and carbohydrates, but should they fail to accomplish that we’ll probably all wish we succumbed to a tryptophan-induced slumber instead. Positivity is in short supply these days, but we’ll do our best as we await game time on Thursday night.

With that, here’s today’s edition of Falcoholinks.

Taking Hate to 100

The Falcons and the Saints do not like each other. Like, at all. That’s well-established, but unfortunately for the Atlanta Falcons the New Orleans Saints possess one victory against them this season and are the far better team. New Orleans are 13-point favorites at home on Thanksgiving, and with the Falcons’ year effectively over we’re not particularly confident they can come away with a win.

This will be the 100th meeting of these two franchises, and the Falcons own a 52-47 all-time record in the match-up. Will they make it 53 on Thursday? With the Saints’ high-flying offense, it’s going to be a daunting task, to be sure.

Will Deion suit up?

Deion Jones returned to practice prior to the game against the Cowboys, but Coach Quinn ultimately wanted to give him at least another week. With the Falcons dropping to 4-6 and on a quick turnaround, will Deion be ready to go on Thursday? And if he is, do you risk rushing him back without a shot at the playoffs?

DQ is rightly taking a cautious approach with Jones’ return from injury, so we’re once again in wait and see mode. Personally: I say shut him down for the remainder of the season and let him fully heal.

Quinn on the hot seat?

Dan Quinn’s decisions may have cost the Falcons the game against the Cowboys, and Christian D’Andrea thinks that has him on the hot seat.

It’s a question we’ve been pondering internally here at The Falcoholic, and while we recognize that Quinn has his weak spots — specifically where clock management is concerned — it’s not anywhere time to consider a a coaching change.

Read this

I won’t tee this up with anything other than it being a story of strength and resilience heading into Thanksgiving. ESPN’s Vaughn McClure captured this young man’s journey with warmth and grace, and it’s deserving of your time.