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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Nov. 20

We’re two days from Thanksgiving, so give thanks with the links!

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, Atlanta Falcons faithful, we’re getting close to Turkey Day.

As you pack your bags for grandma’s house and hope and pray that dad gum snowstorm doesn’t blow through as you travel, we’ve got a cornucopia of links for you to enjoy on your Tuesday morning.

Riding off into the Sunset

Well, if you haven’t read the mood around these parts here lately, it feels like Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys just about stumped the hope anyone had for a potential playoff run. It was always going to be hard with the injuries and early losses, but y’know, hope springs eternal.

Allen Strk broke down the Xs and Os behind why Sunday went the way it did, and you’d be wise to read in to his great analysis. Matt Chambers is pretty done with 2018 for the birds, while I share why I’ve never been overtly hopeful in the first place, and why I’m firmly in Dan Quinn’s corner (which you should be too, if we’re being honest).

For a Few Links More

But, hey, it’s only Tuesday, so it’s not too late to read up just a little more on Sunday’s game. Adnan Ikic’s got his weekly fantasy recap, while DW’s got a survey on the offensive and defensive players of the week. Kendall Jackson’s also got his weekly three up/three down to check in on. Actually, you can have your voice be heard on DW’s posts with a poll! Vote!

Head honcho Dave Choate’s also got his weekly recap and an exacting breakdown of the Sunday’s flubs that helped lead to a “L” on the season. DW was on the live recap this week.

Staying in the Moment

Well, while we might be packing things up for 2019 here at The Falcoholic, Falcons head coach Dan Quinn still says the team is staying in the here and now with New Orleans just around the corner.

As you’re well aware by now, New Orleans is having an amazing season (frowny face) and are virtual locks to make the playoffs. Though, this game should still be close as long as Atlanta puts its best foot forward, and who knows, maybe the team can play spoiler. What a sight that would be as you enjoy the remainder of your Thanksgiving.


In the words of E.T., “ooouuuuccccchhhhhhhh.”

In My Feelings

Well, Drake (yes, the Drake) decided to sport a new Falcons-themed vest at his most recent Atlanta stop.

Thanks for stopping by, Drake!

Well, that’s it for the links this morning. Enjoy the fresh pot of Joe, get that last bag packed and go enjoy a nice Thanksgiving with your family. We’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.