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Falcons give long snapper Josh Harris three year extension to keep on long snappin’

The ultra reliable long snapper should be a Falcon into the 2020s.

Atlanta Falcons Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Josh Harris is a very good long snapper. I know this because the number of times I’ve had to think about him during a Falcons game hovers pretty close to zero, and long snappers are the kinds of professionals you only notice when something goes horribly awry.

Harris is being rewarded for that excellence with a three year extension, per Jason Butt at The Athletic. No terms are immediately available, but chances are it won’t break the bank for this cap-strapped Falcons team.

Harris has done a largely masterful job with his long-snapping duties, occasionally makes a special teams tackle, and has missed just one game, that being the season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles this year. Otherwise, he’s been reliable and quietly effective ever since the 2012 season, and hopefully will remain throughout his remaining years with the team. It’s comforting to know the Falcons have someone they can count on for this important but certainly unrecognized role.

Congratulations, Josh Harris!