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Falcons 6, Cowboys 3: Second half open thread

It would be nice to see this team score more than three points at a time today.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons haven’t gotten much done against the Cowboys so far, but at least they have been able to hold Dallas to a single field goal at the half. The problem is that they’ve only managed to score two field goals.

Everything in this game has been a mixed bag. We’ve had injury scares with Damontae Kazee and Desmond Trufant, both of whom returned to the game. We’ve seen Julio Jones save Matt Ryan from not one, but two picks, and we’ve also seen the dang ball bounce right off of his hands like they’re made out of concrete. Matt Bryant is back, and his leg is the only reason the Falcons have a lead at all.

This game, and every game down the stretch, is absolutely a must-win. We’ll see when the team returns to the field after the half if they can pull this one off. You can discuss that right here in the comments.