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What 2019 Dallas Cowboy free agent would you like to add to the Falcons?

The choice is easy this week.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Here’s our latest version of “which player would you steal from the opposing team,” without the actual kidnapping necessary to make that happen. Instead, we’re looking at the player you’d take from the opponent’s impending free agent class, if money and fit allowed.

Unlike last week’s edition, where we looked at a frankly depressing list of available Browns in 2019, the Cowboys give us something worth actually considering. Here’s a list of interesting free agents coming up for Dallas, which you should take a moment to peruse before answering.

All set? Good. You’ve noticed that both Demarcus Lawrence and David Irvin could potentially be up for grabs, and one of those more or less has to be your choice unless you’re an immediate member of Cameron Fleming’s family. Lawrence is deeply intriguing as a quality pass rusher the Falcons showed previous interest in, and if expense allowed, adding him to this defensive end rotation would be a massive upgrade that I would go for in a heartbeat.

Irving is a talented young defensive lineman in his own right, and would be a strong consolation prize if you weren’t keen on taking on Lawrence’s contract.

Who are you taking?