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Falcons vs. Cowboys odds: Atlanta’s favored by a field goal at home against Dallas

This is the Vegas way of saying “eh, the Falcons are at home.”

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons have become maddening to try to figure out. They played the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles to the hilt in Week 1 and lost because they couldn’t execute on offense, then beat the Panthers in Week 2, then embarked on a three game losing streak, then a three game winning streak, then an unexpected road loss against Cleveland just as they seemed to be hitting their stride. They’re a talented team, but a team with holes, and on any given week you’re not if those holes are going to be big enough for them to fall into.

This week, against a pretty enigmatic Cowboys team, it’s legitimately tough to know what is going to happen. The oddsmakers clearly agree, because they have the Falcons by a field goal at home, which is about close to a toss-up as this one was likely to go.

Again, it’s not hard to understand why. The Cowboys just gritted out a tough win over the Eagles and have the defensive aptitude and ground game necessary to be a headache for Atlanta, but the Falcons are also home and were playing quite well before that dud against Cleveland.

Personally, I think this is a game Atlanta wins, but I don’t blame anyone for feeling wary about this one. The Falcons have been good, the Falcons have been bad, but the one thing they have definitely not been is consistent.