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Falcons vs. Browns: Ricky Ortiz, Matt Bryant top list of inactives

The Falcons have Brian Hill up in place of Ortiz, which is interesting.

New York Giants v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have a pretty ho-hum list of inactives this week, with Matt Bryant an expected out and Blidi Wreh-Wilson back on the shelf with Robert Alford in the lineup. They’re continuing to mothball Keith Tandy, Steven Means, Rees Odhiambo and Matt Gono, with the first three being emergency options and the last one serving as the developmental tackle for a team that could use one.

There is one surprise, though, and it’s Ricky Ortiz.

Ortiz is the team’s fullback, having bested two rookies and a veteran to hang on to the job. But he’s found himself with only a small role on this offense, and the team hasn’t given him virtually any touches. With Tevin Coleman and Ito Smith blocking well and soaking up most of the carries—and with Austin Hooper and Logan Paulsen doing plenty of blocking themselves—Ortiz hasn’t been needed much.

Instead, the Falcons will activate Brian Hill. He’s a fairly physical back and may get some looks as a nominal fullback, but chances are the Falcons will simply go without one today against the Browns and see how that works. Hill may be in line to get a handful of touches himself, with the Falcons surely wanting to know whether he’s going to be part of the future at the running back position or not. Coleman and Smith are the guys in this backfield, though.

There’s your inactives. Kickoff’s close!