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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Nov. 1

Welcome back from Halloween! Here are your links!

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, Falcoholics, it’s time to put the costumes and candy away with Halloween in the rearview and charge ahead into Turkey season.

It’s November here in Falconland, and we’ve got to get through the news and what to peruse as the Atlanta Falcons gear up for the back half of the season. Will they really turn it around? Is this all destined to just be a big ‘ole disappointment? Put down the candy! It’s breakfast! Have some self respect, man.

Okay, maybe one piece.

Dan Quinn mum on Deion Jones, playoffs

Head coach Dan Quinn didn’t want to say a whole lot about the potential November return of linebacker Deion Jones, who’s eligible to return after the Cowboys game on Nov. 11. He was present for practice off-field Wednesday, though that could still mean he’s at least a few weeks from getting back into the fold.

We all want Debo back out there as soon as possible, though it’s best for him and the team that he take as long as he needs to get that foot healed up and ready for the future.

In Quinn fashion, he was also a bit reserved on the potential for the team to make the playoffs, which is probably for the best. It’s not likely at the moment, though anything can happen. After all, this is the Falcons we’re talking about.

Oh! He also said new OL Zane Beadles is going to start out at tackle. Read about why that might be.

White Walkers and Scary Sacrifices

If you’d like to mark your page in the Falcoholic Literary Classics section of the site, be sure to get one last scare with Carter’s most recent sacrifice to the grand metal bird (this one’s Halloween-y!), and Adnan’s Game of Thrones-inspired tale of Matt Ryan and the Rise of the White Walkers.

Baker, Baker, Column Reader

The Atlanta Falcons aren’t the only team in the NFL. Be sure to check in with Kevin Knight to see what he’s cooking up with this week’s batch of The Baker’s Dozen to read about the goings-on of the rest of the league. And save me a piece!

Defending with the Best

Adnan picked out the Defensive MVP for the Falcons through its first seven games. No, I won’t spoil it for you. I just know it’s not Kroy Biermann. Y’know, because he hasn’t played here in a while. I mean, I wouldn’t have blamed Adnan if he’d picked Kroy. How could I? How could you? How could any of us?

Time with Foye

Here’s a nice bit of insight into where Foye Oluokun fit in with the Falcons plan when he got here, a reminder of how cool it is to see him contributing.

Why So Serious?

To finish, let’s put a smile on that face. Here are pictures of the Falcons as The Joker.

Alright, fans near and far. Enjoy that November cup’a Joe, and we’ll see you out there.