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Polls reveal that Saints fans are the biggest homers in the NFC South by a wide margin

When asked which team in the division has been best, there was an overwhelming answer.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

As part of our ongoing FanPulse efforts here at SB Nation, fans of each NFC South team were asked who they thought the best team in the division was. I thought the results were worth sharing because of what they reveal about each fanbase’s psyche at the moment. (Sign up here to take our weekly Falcons survey)

The Falcoholic

Painfully, most of the fans polled here agree that the Saints are the best team in the division, something that’s impossible to quibble with based on record and healthy talent. A brave 28% of fans polled think Atlanta’s the best team despite their ugly record, injury issues and terrible defense thus far, while a further 15% went for an up-and-down Panthers squad. As is proper, only 1% thought the Bucs were anything other than a paper pirate.

How about the rest of our divisional blogs, though?

Cat Scratch Reader

Oh, this is a little bit more homer-y. Nearly 70% of Panthers fans polled think they’re the best team in the division, compared to 32% for the Saints and 0% for the Falcons and Bucs. I don’t think the Panthers are actually better than the Saints, but hey, you teal fellas and ladies do you.

Bucs Nation

There’s a mix of pragmatists and believers here. More Bucs fans than Falcons fans were able to force themselves to admit that New Orleans is currently the best team in the division, but a full 20% of them insanely thought the Bucs were the best team in the division despite a catastrophically terrible defense and their predictable fall-off over the last two games.

Tampa Bay doesn’t lack for talent, but they lack for results, and personally I’ll need to see them right the ship in a major way in the coming ways if I’m not going to dismiss them out of hand like I do every year. But again, every fanbase should have its homers, as is natural.

Speaking of which...

Canal Street Chronicles

That’s the good stuff. Every single Saints fan polled thought New Orleans was the best team in the NFC South. This result would, I suspect, hold up if the Saints were currently last in the division, because Saints fans are true believers in a way that Falcons fans just are not. You have to admire that, in a way, despite our general disdain for the Saints. Anyways, they also are the best team in the division right now.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go throw up.