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Send us your best Falcons pumpkin carving to win a guest picker spot

The spookier, the better.

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Halloween is quickly approaching and we are asking for all your best Falcons related pumpkin carvings. We have been covering the spooky pumpkin carving beat since way back in 2010. It’s definitely time to carve those up before trick-or-treaters start showing up. And just imagine, your can show your neighbors you are both a Falcon fan and you can finish something. Lets be honest, you probably aren’t going to get their misdelivered mail back to them, but you can definitely cut into a giant vegetable.

This year, we not only want to see your carvings, we will crown one winner. The winner gets the guest spot in our weekly game pick article. It’s your best chance to beat me. It’s also super easy to beat me if you get the guest picker spot. My picks are awful.

That pumpkin is just waiting to emerge as a piece of brilliant art. Take a look at a few pumpkins on twitter and start cutting those things up.

Please cut through the pumpkin so you can add a spooky candle. Also please use adult supervision as we can’t afford another lawsuit.

This is, again, not a carving. What are you people doing out there?




Old but just right. I was looking for the scariest possible Falcons pumpkin, and it looks like it doesn’t exist.

Tweet your photos to the official Falcoholic twitter account, post on our Facebook page, or embed the photo in the comments. We will announce the winner, and include our favorites Halloween night.