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Dan Quinn: Devonta Freeman expected to play on Sunday against Steelers, Grady Jarrett out

Atlanta’s offense has been so good it’s easy to forget they have been short their top running back. Well, he’s finally coming back.

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Watch out, Pittsburgh Steelers. The Atlanta Falcons might be getting their run game back. Unrelated, but their pass defense is also going from shambles to nonexistent.

It feels weird to say this, but the team is actually getting a player back from injury.

Head coach Dan Quinn suggested early reports that Devonta Freeman will be out for two to three weeks were inaccurate, and based on my calendar, that was about two to three weeks ago. Regardless, this is a huge boost to Atlanta. The Falcons have been nearly unstoppable on offense, but have failed to establish a dominant run game. Freeman’s elusiveness and vision may somehow open things up even more.

Plus, it’ll just be great to see Freeman playing. He’s an absolutely fun player to watch.

We were pretty confident that Grady Jarrett would miss time after the Falcons signed a new defensive tackle yesterday. Early indications have been the ankle injury isn’t terribly severe, but early indications from multiple severe injuries had been very optimistic this season. With Atlanta’s playoff chances quickly dwindling, the team needs to get their best defensive tackle back on the field in a hurry.