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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Oct. 3

It took me twice as long to put this together because my shift key is on injured reserve.

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Good morning, Falcons faithful. You’ve made it to Wednesday.

Congratulations. It’s felt like a year in two days’ time, courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons squandering yet another high-scoring performance at home. We’re all aging at a rapid pace as a result of this season, so before you browse the online life insurance policies give a look to today’s edition of Falcoholinks.

With Grady Jarrett’s ankle ailing, Atlanta signs wrong Michael Bennett

/Inserts DJ Khaled “And Another One” gif.

Grady Jarrett injured his ankle against the Bengals, and apparently it’s concerning enough that the team signed a guy named Michael Bennett for depth at defensive tackle. This is an ominous sign for Grady’s availability going forward, and yet more confirmation that the Falcons unearthed some ageless curse like a Pazuzu figurine in the desert.

Forget ice baths and ankle wraps — this team needs an exorcist.

Let’s check out the word on the new signing:

That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but it’s where we’re at. The Falcons also kicked the tires on both Robert Ayers and Kony Ealy, but decided only to bring in Michael Bennett. The Jacksonville one, not the Philadelphia one.

DQ missed the boat

The injuries opened the door for Dan Quinn to bring in some veteran help to stop the bleeding, but according to our Matt Chambers he erred by not bringing in a defensive starter. It’s an ongoing debate here at The Falcoholic, and now with Grady Jarrett potentially missing multiple games, it goes without saying that the Falcons would be in a slightly better position had they secured the services of a proven starter.

The primary options are no longer unavailable for a variety of reasons — one including starting for a division rival — and a hapless defense is about to be without its best presence up front.

What a depressing season.

The Falcoholic Postgame Podcast

Cory taped this one before we all learned the extent of Grady Jarrett’s injury, so it’s less sad than it could have been. Still sad, though. It’s difficult to not be discouraged with the way this season has gone, but such is the destiny of Falcons fans.

Joined once again by Allen Strk, the two examined the loss and its implications. They also discussed rookie wideout Calvin Ridley at length, which is appreciated because he’s been one of the few bright spots so far in 2018. Engage your audio despair, here.

Power rankings nosedive

More good news! The Falcons still hung around in the top half of many of the NFL power rankings up until Sunday, but after the Cincinnati debacle they’ve rightfully collapsed. Glancing at power rankings is a somewhat like taking a belt sander to an open wound, but we’re gluttons for punishment here at The Falcoholic so that’s what we’re inclined to do. Join us.