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Falcons alum Mort Andersen’s FG record broken by Adam Vinatieri

Fact: Adam Vinatieri can build wind turbines out of popsicle sticks

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Falcons alum Mort Andersen kicked a lot of footballs during his NFL career. That led to a lot of broken records, records he’s held for a long time. But as of Sunday, he’s no longer the NFL’s converted field goals record holder. Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri converted his 566th field goal on Sunday, and he now owns that record.

For context, current Falcons kicker Matt “Money” Bryant has converted 374 FGs during his 18 year NFL career. The fact that Vinatieri has converted nearly 200 more field goals than Bryant during his 23 year career is nothing short of impressive. Andersen played 25 NFL seasons and needed 709 attempts to convert 565 FGs. Vinatieri broke Andersen’s record with 38 fewer attempts.

Anderson is still the NFL record holder in points scored (2,544). Vinatieri needs another 26 points to break that record. Anderon is still the NFL record holder in games played (382). Vinatieri needs to play another 42 games to break that record.

It was good while it lasted, Mort.