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Stunner: Falcons don’t intend to make moves at NFL trade deadline

The team shouldn’t be considers players for Tuesday’s action.

NFL: New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline looming, folks around the Atlanta Falcons campfire are wondering if the team has any plans to buy or sell.

According to head coach Dan Quinn (via ESPN’s Vaughn McClure), the team says it’s not really considering any potential moves at the moment.

While Quinn could be trying to hide the team making a potential mood, as comes with the strategy part of the game, it would be right down the line for what the team usually does in these instances.

GM Thomas Dimitroff likes to make trades during the draft or right before the season, but it’s really not much of a thing around November. He likes to stand pat with what he’s got, and that’s probably not going to change in a year where his team looks poised to miss the playoffs sans a radical transformation on defense with the personnel at hand.

The team could get an offer last minute to sell an expiring deal onto someone else who would like a rental for that particular player, though that’d also send a message to the locker room the Falcons just might not be willing to send. They’re going to compete for 2018, no matter the ends, and trading a contributor would hinder that goal in-house and in public.

So while we may see a few splashy moves before Tuesday’s afternoon deadline rolls around, just don’t expect any to be from Atlanta barring a sincere surprise addition or subtraction. They look prepared to go with who they’ve got for now.