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Julio Jones could surpass 10,000 yards in his next game

#11 is chasing #1 on the franchise receiving yards list, too.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Here’s a stat that’s sort of incredible, given how good we know Roddy White was: Julio Jones could pass him on the team’s all-time receiving yardage list this year, and he could do so in something like 60 fewer games.

That might prove to be a bit of a stretch, but the fact that it’s even a possibility is remarkable in its own right.

The superlatives flow fast and freely with Julio, but one of the most remarkable things about him is how prolific he’s been. Look at him side-by-side with Roddy, who has a legitimate case for greatest receiver in team history, or did until Julio came along.

Roddy White: 171 games, 808 receptions, 10,863 yards, 63 touchdowns

Julio Jones: 102 games, 638 receptions, 9,866 yards, 43 touchdowns

Roddy’s numbers are skewed a bit by 2005 and 2006 effectively being lost years, but Julio’s still way out in front in everything but scoring. If he picks up 134 yards next week, he’ll be to 10,000 and become one of just 45 players in NFL history to hit that mark. If he really wrecks defenses the rest of the way, he might catch Roddy outright before the end of 2018, but he’s almost a lock to do so in 2019 if he doesn’t. If he also reels in 20 touchdowns over the next nine weeks, he could tie Roddy, which seems...less likely.

The Falcons have fallen short of our expectations for an eternity now, unfortunately, but we’ll miss players like Julio when they’re gone, and he’s one of those players on such a torrid pace that I’m legitimately surprised every time I check in on his stats. If the Falcons give us nothing else to enjoy the rest of the way—and I hope that’s not the case—watching Julio should be plenty entertaining.

Hopefully he can get a few touchdowns so everyone can stop fixating on that and resume appreciating what he’s able to do between the 20s, and hopefully a healthy and productive Julio helps keep this passing game flowing as it should.