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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, Oct. 26

I’m on bye week vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Not really.

New York Giants v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Falcons are on their bye, but we aren’t. We here at The Falcoholic are still jam-packing your days with top content, and that will not stop as we head into a stress-free weekend. Grab a daiquiri far too early, and give a look to today’s Falcoholinks.

Touchdowns or not, Julio remains selfless

The “diva” label is a well-worn stereotype that gets applied to some wide receivers in the NFL, but it’s never been one that worked for Julio Jones. Preseason contract dust-up aside, Julio’s avoided most of the drama that seems to follow many of the league’s elite receivers. In a season where he’s yet to record a touchdown, he continues to go about his work and focus on team wins.

Our Adnan Ikic is out with an exceptional new piece that takes a look at what differentiates Julio Jones from his peers, and it’s definitely worth a read to start your Friday.

Dropping a coin in The Falcoholic Trade Machine

The Falcons are continuing their slow climb out of the NFC South basement, but at 3-4 and with the trade deadline on Tuesday, it’s in the realm of possibility that Atlanta sell off a piece or two. Cory Woodroof fired up The Falcoholic Trade Machine (I’m not saying Splendiferous), and examined some potential moves that could be made if the team decides to offload some talent.

Roasted consistently on Monday, Robert Alford meets the flames

Robert Alford could not escape getting burned early and often against the Giants, and as is custom around Flowery Branch, could not escape the inevitable summons to Dan Quinn’s office.

Alford has drawn our ire many times during his tenure as an Atlanta Falcon, but this season he’s lapsed back into coverage gaffes and handsy play once he realizes he’s been beat. For this, he was again tossed into the swirling fires beneath Flowery Branch.

Could Coleman stick around?

Tevin Coleman leaving via free agency almost seemed like a foregone conclusion with Devonta Freeman inked to a massive contract and other key players in line for extensions. But with Freeman’s recent injury history and the explosive dynamic that Coleman brings to the offense, could the Falcons possibly keep him beyond 2018?

ESPN’s Vaughn McClure posits it as a legitimate possibility. The Falcons have had one of the league’s best running back duos the past few seasons, and it would of course make sense to maintain that arrangement going forward. With Ito Smith’s emergence it would lessen the blow of Coleman leaving, but it ultimately it boils down to Devonta Freeman’s health and Atlanta’s confidence that he can carry the load.

Time will tell.