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NFL trade deadline: A brief history of the Falcons’ moves under Thomas Dimitroff

Trade Thomas is not a deadline dude.

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I know and you know that the Falcons aren’t typically active at the trade deadline, which is looming most loomily. Given the yearly bellyaching about the team’s lack of moves, though, I thought it would be useful for us to go back and look at every deadline transaction the Falcons have made in the last decade-plus.

Ready to take a trip down memory lane with us? Here are all the trade deadline moves the Falcons have made since Thomas Dimitroff became the team’s GM back in 2008.

2017: None
2016: None
2015: None
2014: None
2013: None
2012: None
2011: None
2010: None
2009: None
2008: None

Wow, a lot of great memories in that list, huh?

The Falcons, in summary, have been silent at the trade deadline. You don’t spend this much time not making moves without it being a philosophical choice, and Dimitroff has always been the GM loathe to make a panic move or overpay. With Dan Quinn on board and the team nailing its draft picks at a higher rate than they ever did with Mike Smith, that reluctance is probably increased, not decreased.

The Falcons have legitimate needs this year, and with the Raiders and Giants in fire sale mode, they may be able to pry loose a player or two who can help them this year and in the future. They are especially needy at the guard position, at defensive end, and potentially at linebacker, and I’d support the right move for any of those.

But that said, the team’s recent history suggests they’ll do exactly none of that. Expect another quiet trade deadline for the Atlanta Falcons, who will try to sink or swim with what they have, and count on a healthier team putting them in a much better position for 2019. They’ll let other teams swap fourth rounders for Eli Apple and fifth rounders for Snacks Harrison, for good or for ill.