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Matt Ryan caught cursing on national TV; former teammate describes Ryan as having a potty mouth

Oh sassafras! The Falcons may have won, but many of us lost our innocence after Ryan’s tomfoolery.

New York Giants v Atlanta Falcons
“Go fuck yourself and great fucking game.”
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We never wanted to believe it. I’ve spent years convincing myself that Matt Ryan told Mohamed Sanu to “get tucking set.” I wanted to believe my quarterback was as pure as the fresh snow. Like a man who truly thinks this joke was both funny enough and good enough to do in front of the Hard Knock cameras. A man who has never once given an interesting answer at a press conference.

It was all lies.

Oh pickles! An f word that isn’t fungus? Boy, I sure was flummoxed when Austin Hooper was offsides. Ito Smith appeared entirely uncovered, and certainly had a shot at a huge gain if not a touchdown. I was so frustrated I almost screamed out boy oh boy!

But swearing? Out of Ryan? Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Apparently this poppycock has happened before, per his former college teammate Will Blackmon.

Doggone it! It’s as if we never actually knew our quarterback. And jumpin’ crocodiles, I can’t believe his coaches would put up with such mumbo jumbo. It’s as if Ryan thinks people will think he’s cool if he uses this sort of balderdash. I can’t help but to feel like Garth in Anchorman who just can’t deal with this flimflam. Lets hope Ryan can watch his mouth for those of us who just like nice, clean, violent football.