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Former Falcons QB Michael Vick to sound train horn during ‘Monday Night Football’ vs. Giants

The franchise continues to make steps to honor Vick.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Between holding a ceremony for his retirement, recognizing him for his veteran status with the organization and other moments of attention, the Atlanta Falcons are firmly committed to honoring QB Michael Vick and his tenure with the team.

As they should, after all. He’s a Mount Rushmore figure in the franchise, one of the most exciting players to man the position in the league and the reason Atlanta had a good football team in the early aughts.

On Monday, the team will welcome Vick to sound the train horn before the team’s Monday Night Football matchup against the Giants.

It’s more than fitting to have Vick back for a jersey throwback night (y’know, the good jerseys), and there’s no doubt folks will be happy to see him in the new stadium, taking part in the pre-game festivities.

Though Vick’s exit with the team will always be a lightning rod of controversy, you have to love the guy for what he did on the field and how he’s turned his life around since his infamous departure from the organization.

Vick should be in the Ring of Honor and have his jersey retired, if we’re being honest. “7” was that important to the franchise’s history, and he deserves to be honored as such.

At least for Monday night, he’ll be back in the flock to sound off the team’s next home game, recognized for the franchise great he so obviously is.