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Why isn’t Julio Jones scoring TDs for the Falcons? We’ll have the answers on ‘Thursday Night Kickoff’ on FOX 5 Atlanta

Will they be serious answers? No. Will they be hilarious? Yes.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons fans and fantasy owners alike have been asking the same question all season: Why can’t Julio Jones score touchdowns?

We know the actual reason. Atlanta’s best receiver is consistently blanketed with coverage in the end zone. A condensed field makes it easier for defenses to direct their attention to Jones and go all out to keep him from making plays. It’s opened things up for other players — particularly the team’s touchdown leader, rookie receiver Calvin Ridley, to make plays in the end zone, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Falcons.

But it’s still amazing that a guy with Jones’ considerable gifts of size, strength, speed, and agility hasn’t scored even once since the Wild Card round last postseason against the Rams. It’s a mystery, and it’s one we set out to solve on this week’s episode of Thursday Night Kickoff on FOX 5 Atlanta.

Here’s the segment from this week, and the tweets that made it.

And here are some of the tweets that were spectacular, but realistically I only have so much time to work with, so they didn’t get included.

A valid theory.

This is never going to happen.

If this is the case, we’re in trouble.

Who doesn’t love Freddie Falcon?

It’s a brilliant strategy.

That movie is pretty scary.

Those dang Monstars.

Finally, a practical solution.

I like it.

Fair enough.

Look, nobody wants this to happen.

Well, this would really be something.

I’m fine with this.

I mean, it could be true.

[grimacing emoji]

This seems like it could work.

Well, folks, here you have it.

We also talked about Atlanta’s much-needed win over the Buccaneers and looked forward to the Giants on this week’s episode. Here’s how you can tune in next week if you missed it. And keep an eye out on Twitter on Tuesday for next week’s question.

How to watch Thursday Night Kickoff

Time: 7 p.m. ET
Station: FOX 5 Atlanta