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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Oct. 17


NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Atlanta Falcons fans near and far!

Rise and shine, and grind up a fresh cup of links to help brighten your morning.

The Atlanta Falcons are preparing for their Monday night tilt with the New York Football Giants, and we’ve got the news you need as we get closer to that obviously huge game for the 2018 season (well, at least what’s left of it).

Amazing Grace

Well, if you haven’t heard, linebacker Jermaine Grace is back in town.

Just after his release from Seattle, the Falcons seems to have swooped back in and brought back the 2017 fan favorite in some way, shape or form. Grace broke the news himself on Instagram to the excitement of many.

We don’t know exactly how Grace will join in, whether it be on the practice squad or active roster, and who’s being released to make room for him. He’s the second player waived in 2017 to return (the other being RB Brian Hill), and for the “draft and develop” crowd, this is a mighty victory. Folks love the types of players who, like Grace, come in undrafted and earn a spot, and plenty of local draftheads loved Grace’s potential in this defense and were dismayed to see him jolted last season.

Well, he’s back now, and it’ll be curious to see if, after bouncing around for a bit, the Miami alum can stick around for the longterm and make an impact.


Our Kevin Knight has been busy as of late, as he’s cooked up another batch of The Baker’s Dozen, a great column where he sizes up the ongoings around the league (hint: the Gruden Raiders don’t fare well in this one). It’s always good to keep an eye on the rest of the NFL, so let Kevin guide you through it.

He’s also got another episode of The Falcoholic Live to look back at the week that’s been and preview what’s on the horizon for the G-Men. Give that a spin as a handful of Falcoholic folks discuss the issues of the day among the Dirty Birds.

JuliO, Touchdowns, Where Art Thou?

James Rael has taken a look at that weird “wait, Julio Jones doesn’t have a touchdown” thing, and trust us, it’s not a fun conversation to have.

He’s got an eye on the historic weirdness of this, and whether it really amounts to a lot in the grand scheme of things, particularly with the offense producing as it has.

Missing Devonta

Our fearless leader Dave Choate has his take on how the Falcons have adjusted to life without star RB Devonta Freeman and how he feels the immediate future will pan out.

It’s a tricky conversation to have, particularly when you take into account both how good Freeman is at the position and how good the offense still is when he’s not on the field, but make no mistake. Freeman is still an elite player at the position, and you don’t want to lose elite talent like that. It’ll be curious to see how the rest of the season goes if Freeman is indeed out for the year.

Life in the Red Zone

Let our Allen Strk boost your confidence in the Falcons’ red zone revival.


No commentary needed. The good jersey are back!

Alright, folks, that’s the rundown for Thursday morning. Soar high, Falcoholics, and we’ll see you throughout the day for the usual.