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The power rankings agree: The Falcons are better now

Everything is going to be okay, power rankings say.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Falcons lost Devonta Freeman, possibly for the season. We still aren’t certain if Calvin Ridley and Mohamed Sanu will be able to suit up this week. Matt Bryant is hurt. The team already has lost Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen and Andy Levitre for either most or all of the season. But the power rankings don’t care about.

The power rankings care if you win. And the Falcons won. Barely, yes, and with plenty of questions still to answer. But they won, and the gods of the power rankings smile. Oh, how they smile. Let us see how.

SB Nation: 23 (25)

The Falcons got a coach fired. Alas, Mike Smith, we knew ye well. That plus a 43-year-old kicker wresting an ex-mammal stitched together for the amusement of men from the bonds of gravity and injuring himself in the attempt will get you two (2) spots in the power rankings. All is measured.

ESPN: 19 (19)

The Falcons stayed where they were for ESPN, though their playoff chances jumped by double-digit percentage points. That does not seem right, does it? But it does no good to doubt the power rankings, with their multitude of blinking eyes seeing all possible presents and futures. They know. 23 (24)

One spot. You survive a mad sort of genius in the end, overcoming Todd Monken’s designed ladder of laterals because DeSean Jackson’s hands and eyes were not in sync, and you survive more injuries and Jordan Richards running around as though he were not a football player but a child again, seeking only to enjoy life as he once did, and you gain one spot. You cannot buy favor with the power rankings, and a win is not always worth as much as you think it ought to be.

CBS Sports: 23 (28)

Okay, so even last week, it had to be obvious that the Falcons weren’t the fifth-worst team in football, right? I have seen the Cardinals, Raiders, Colts, Giants, Bills, Broncos, Raiders again, and post-Jimmy G 49ers play. We all appreciate the five spot bump, but surely the original ranking was misguided?

I’m sorry, power rankings. That was out of line. 22 (25)

Hey, not bottom ten! These power rankings are alright.