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Falcons vs. Buccaneers: Score predictions for Week 6’s divisional tilt

We believe in an Atlanta win, despite all of the things we’ve seen in 2018.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Chambers

Falcons 23-Bucs 31

I don’t know exactly what went wrong with my score predictions, but I’ve picked Atlanta to go 5-0 and that was obviously wrong. I’m pretty sure Jeanna’s dog is beating me at game picks. It’s time to go full George Costanza and do the opposite. The Bucs cratered, their defense is terrible, and they just switched quarterbacks before going on the road. Should that even matter against this defense? I’ll say no and the Bucs will finally give the 2018 season the final death blow.

Cory Woodroof

Falcons 31 - Buccaneers 28

This is the Atlanta Falcons we’re talking about here. Since when have they ever given us exactly what we wanted? Right now, I want a top-3 draft pick and a righteous flood back to the top of the NFL standings in 2019. But the Falcons are too good to do that, which makes me sad. I feel very confusing emotions right now for wanting my football team to be bad. C’est la vie. The Buccaneers defense is decent against the run, but porous against the pass. The Falcons defense isn’t quite good at anything, but they have the corners to contend with the Bucs’ receivers. Tampa Bay doesn’t have much of a ground game, either. That will matter late in the game when they get pass-happy. Since this is at home, and Atlanta no doubt will be playing for pride this week after getting pantsed in Pittsburgh, I’ll take the home team here by a field goal. It will be ugly, but the Falcons get their second win of 2018. Why on Earth am I sad about this?

Carter Breazeale

Falcons 38 - Buccaneers 24

Both teams have defenses that belong in a landfill, but I’ll take the better offense at home and by a solid margin. There’s not much to look forward to this season, but banging on the Bucs is something the Falcons do well and we all enjoy.


Falcons 38 - Bucs 35

Neither teams is fielding a defense worthy of being called an NFL defense. Jameis Winston has career games against the Falcons anyways, and I fully expect him to do so on Sunday. Yet, the Falcons always find a way to get our hopes up and I think they’ll edge out another victory through some miraculous fashion. We’ll all begin to believe again, only for reality to come crashing down like a cartoon anvil on our heads. C’est la vie.

Kyle McClendon

Falcons 76 - Bucs 69

There will be almost no defense in this game. It will be one of those games that makes you wonder why you even watch the sport to begin with. I think the Falcons offense is better than the Bucs offense--it is definitely better than the Bucs defense.The Falcons will finally get as many wins as the Browns in the 2018 season. Wow.

James Rael

Falcons 31 - Bucs 27

This won’t be the prettiest NFL game you watch this season. Missed tackles, a few big plays resulting from blown coverage, maybe even a sideline hissy fit or two - it’s gonna have it all! But a win is a win, right?

Eric Robinson

Falcons 41 - Bucs 31

This has to be the week right? I mean, the Bucs have a defense that is equally as bad as the Falcons right now. The Bucs are 32nd in scoring defense, 31st in total defense, 32nd in passing defense, 32nd in passing touchdowns allowed, 32nd in yards per play allowed, 32nd in red zone touchdowns allowed, oh and they’re 26th in sacks. So even without Devonta Freeman, the Falcons offense will likely get back on track this week after last week’s loss to Pittsburgh. So what is the difference here? Tampa is 31st in turnovers on offense and a key turnover here is enough for the Falcons defense to help out the offense and get a much needed win. This has to be the week right?


Falcons 30 - Bucs 24

Atlanta’s season is on the line on this one. The divisional games mean everything. Take care of business in your division, and the rest will sort itself out. A win now would put Atlanta at 2-1 in the division with the toughest stretch of the season behind them. But a loss would put them 1-2 against their direct rivals and 1-5 overall, and even I would be ready to throw in the towel. So why do I think they’ll win? Because that will drag out the torment just a little longer. If you’re a long time fan, you already know that’s simply part of the heritage.

Dave Choate

Falcons 38 - Buccaneers 34

Another close game featuring a ton of offense, but this time Atanta comes out on top. I do think stops will be hard to come by in this one, but Atlanta can do just enough to pull off the win.

Let’s hope.