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Ito Smith could set a new Falcons record vs. the Buccaneers on Sunday

The fourth rounder has made the most of his opportunities so far.

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

I was excited about Ito Smith as a draft prospect coming out of Southern Miss. I liked his versatility as a receiver and a runner, and he’s stepped up in the wake of Devonta Freeman’s injuries.

Smith has done so well, in fact, that he has an opportunity to add his name to the Falcons’ record books with a touchdown on Sunday.

Smith’s stats aren’t eye-popping. He has 80 rushing yards on 21 carries and 67 receiving yards on 18 catches. But he managed to get into the end zone in consecutive games against the Bengals and the Steelers. Even one rushing touchdown against the Buccaneers on Sunday will etch his name into Falcons history.

The Falcons selected Smith with the 126th overall pick in the 2018 draft. He had a nose for the end zone in college, racking up 4,538 yards on the ground and 42 touchdowns.

Ito’s real name is Romarius Smith, but he earned his nickname when his family noticed that he resembles Judge Lance Ito, best known for presiding over the O.J. Simpson trial. It clearly stuck.

Freeman has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay with a contusion, opening up more opportunities for Smith to make his mark on Falcons history.