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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Oct. 10

What awaits your morning of Falcony news?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, Falcoholics, we get it. Things are bad right now. It’s hard to get out of bed.

But the sun still rises on winners and losers, and though to be Falcon is to be a loser at the moment, chin up. We’ve still got plenty of football ahead of us, and this is the Atlanta Falcons were talking about. When have they ever met expectations?

Let’s take a gander at the news you need to know on this fall Wednesday.

Game On or Game Over?

Well, with Atlanta at a shocking 1-4 on the season and 11 games to go, The Fellowship of the Ringless gathered to discuss if the show is really over for the 2018 season.

The consensus? Well, it’s not looking good, but that doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention. We all hypothetically cede that the Falcons could still turn it around, though it’d be mightily difficult, and this defensive group is still a pumpkin, not a carriage. Though, don’t knock the time the rookies and reserves are getting right now. Guys like Calvin Ridley, Duke Riley, Ito Smith, Isaiah Oliver, Deadrin Senat, Foyesade Oluokun and Damontae Kazee are going to relish these rough reps now so they can reap the rewards of their resolve later on down the road.

So, in other words, kinda, but not really? Read the long take above.

Leave Dan Quinn Alone

The worst conversation going on right now in Falconland is the one about head coach Dan Quinn. He’s, by far, the best head coach this team has ever had, and has never had a losing season in his three seasons here. Sure, this might be his first, but is that really on him? Half his defense is in an iron lung.

Dave reassures folks that no, indeed, they aren’t going to fire him. He’s not perfect, but no head coach is. He’s an excellent eye for talent, a spirited motivator and culture builder, a great defensive schemer and talent developer and an all-around good person. You don’t let those guys go in a year marred by injuries and a tough opening schedule. That’s what the franchises who don’t win much do. Save the follow-ups.

Divisional Daydreams

Adnan took a look at all the other teams in the NFC South, and well, it’s going about as you’d expect. The New Orleans Saints are celebrating a new made-up record or whatever for Drew Brees, a continual process of patting the Golden Boy on the head for garbage stats that has been going on since 2011.

We get it; Brees is accomplished and stuff, but the cavalcade of giving him puppy eyes and a parade down Bourbon Street every time the guy sneezes has got to stop. He’s got the Saints at 4-1. They look like clear division favorites right now. The Panthers are 3-1 coming off a win over the Giants, and look like Wild Card contenders. Though, that defense isn’t the same this year. The Bucs are 2-2; no one cares.

Hoop Alert

While Pittsburgh was mainly a stomachache wrapped in a nightmare, one Falcon had a career day.

Hey, there you go Austin Hooper! The third-year tight end seems to get better each and every game and is emerging as one of the better starting options in the NFL. His continued growth will be huge for the Falcons as the next few years go on.

Cooking for Charity

Let’s end things on a positive note, shall we?

The service-minded Falcons held their annual Dazzle and Dine event for breast cancer awareness and its survivors, which is a noble cause and successful event for a group of folks who deserve all the love and support they can get.

Though, the flames of irony would’ve capped the night if this wayward grill top had gotten the best of the Money Man.

We are both incredibly happy to see Matt Bryant serving the community and not being set aflame off while doing so. This is not the “heating up in October” any of us would’ve had in mind.

So there are your links. Get ‘em while they’re hot. We’ll see you fine folks Thursday for more news and nonsense, the Falcoholic way.