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Get Deion Jones’ mix of amusement and satisfaction on a t-shirt

Why wouldn’t you?

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deion jones t-shirt BreakingT

A couple of times this season, we brought you fun t-shirts, including the one after Matt Ryan memorably cussed on national television. We’re pleased to do so again, chiefly because Deion Jones is amazing and deserves his own t-shirt.

A little background: The Falcons had Jones mic’ed up on Saturday against the Rams, which is a recipe for a good time. Jones’ incredulous and perfectly justified “They keep trying me. It’s unbelievable!” seems like a sort of rallying cry for this defense of late, with its ridiculous Jones teleportation moves, casual Robert Alford pass deflections, and monster Takk McKinley quarterback hits, among many other great moments. Jones is at the heart of everything, though, and I absolutely loved the satisfaction and bad-guy-in-a-B-movie amusement running behind that quote.

So hey, get that quote on a t-shirt, and feel like Deion Jones. Like the Adrian Clayborn Sacklanta! t-shirt and the aforementioned Get F***ing Set t-shirt earlier this year, this one’s $25 for any size up to XXL, at which point it’s $26 and then $27 for XXXL.

If you’re interested, you can buy one of these shirts right here. If not, Deion Jones will still be one of the best linebackers in the NFL, and you still shouldn’t try him.