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Atlanta Falcons play Philadelphia Eagles Saturday at 4:30

Atlanta has another travel date lined up for next Saturday.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, you can keep enjoying what was an awesome, dominant game on the road by your Atlanta Falcons. Most of us had been thinking all week that with a win against the Los Angeles Rams, the Falcons have an easy path to the NFC Championship game.

Indeed, Atlanta is now scheduled to play the Philadelphia Eagles next Saturday at 4:30. The game will be available nationwide on NBC with Cris Collinsworth. Collinsworth will undoubtably talk about the Super Bowl for 80% of the game.

This will be a very interesting game. As soon as Carson Wentz went down, most had considered them to be the weakest team in the playoffs. The Eagles still ave an elite defense and solid run game, but Nick Foles has simply been proven to not be a starter in the NFL. We have to expect the Eagles coaching staff will minimize his role, perhaps turning Saturday’s game into low-scoring slugfest.

Expect it to be ugly, but the Falcons have proven they can win ugly.