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Titans - Chiefs Wild Card round open thread

The Titans shouldn’t even be here.

Chiefsâ Demarcus Robinson eager to team up with friend Tyreek Hill at wideout John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS via Getty Images

Whatever your feelings about the Chiefs and their weird struggles this year, you have to acknowledge that they are objectively a better team than the Titans in just about every way imaginable. Mike Mularkey’s crew is built around a punishing ground assault that isn’t always effective, and they just don’t have the talent on defense to push other teams around and make that viable.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, are one of the only teams that can challenge the Patriots and Steelers in the AFC when they’re playing well. They’ll almost certainly advance today by beating the Titans, setting them up for a matchup with the Steelers (if the Jaguars lose) or the Patriots (if the Jaguars win).

Unless there’s a massive upset coming, then, this should be worth watching primarily to see how the Chiefs win, and to remember what a Mike Mularkey offense looks like. That might be a useful reminder after the year we just had.