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Matt Bryant tells the Carolina Panthers to get off his lawn, wins game MVP

Atlanta’s ageless kicker receives our well-deserved photoshop MVP.

Ville Terenius

Matt Bryant had another Matt Bryant type of game: 5 for 5 on field goals, including a 56 (!) yarder. That should not be possible, but we all saw it.

A lot of players made an impact on Sunday, but none as big at Bryant giving the Falcons a hefty and much-needed win. He easily wins our badly photoshopped MVP award. One of the league’s oldest players isn’t letting his age catch up to him.

When reached for comment about this amazing honor, Bryant had this to say:

I once fixed a door that wasn’t even broken yet.

We asked Bryant his mindset for Saturday’s playoff game, and he said:

Take these three items, some WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with this stuff alone.

Congrats to Bryant and his Gran Torino.