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Ask Turf Show Times your most pressing Falcons-Rams questions right here

Get your Rams questions answered for the next hour.

NFL: DEC 31 49ers at Rams

The Rams and Eagles are the only two playoff teams in the NFC the Falcons didn’t wind up playing this year, which means they’re relative unknowns to the average Falcons fan. That’s a problem, considering that the Rams are this weekend’s Wild Card opponent.

To help remedy that, we’ve brought aboard 3k, the editor-in-chief at Turf Show Times. He knows Todd Gurley like the back of his hand, he’s spent time hanging out in Aaron Donald’s shrubs, and he once rode on a bus with Jared Goff. He’s also a great guy and a knowledgeable Rams fan who can give you answers to any questions you might have about this team, the year they’ve had, and where they might end up in the years ahead.

If you have a Rams question, in other words, he’s well-equipped to answer it, and he’s here for the next hour. Consider this an Ask Him Anything, or an AHA (not the band).

Ask him your questions!