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What’s the biggest lesson Atlanta Falcons HC Dan Quinn should have learned in 2017?

Fact: Dan Quinn uses a medievel sundial as his alarm clock

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is a resilient guy. When his team squandered a 5-0 start and limped to an 8-8 record in 2015, he didn’t get discouraged. He took his team to the Super Bowl the next year. And after enduring the most heartbreaking Super Bowl loss of all time, he took his team back to the playoffs in 2017. (A feat no other 2016 NFC playoff team replicated.)

So how does Quinn do it? How does he keep taking steps forward, even after heartbreaking setbacks? Four words: learning from his mistakes. Quinn has progressed through the coaching ranks for a reason. He’s now in a job where sustained success is rare. So the more he can learn from his mistakes, the better.

What should Quinn have learned in 2017? That’s not a easy question to answer. I’ll say this, the hangover chatter must have been deafening. Add in at least one player feeling free to tell a member of the media that Steve Sarkisian’s offense was “disorganized.” Quinn didn’t necessarily need a crash course on keeping your players focused on the task at hand was what Quinn needed, but that’s undoubtedly what he got.

So enlighten me: what lesson do you hope Quinn learned in 2017? How does he improve and help his team get better in 2018?