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Super Bowl LII: who can Falcons fans even root for?

You have to pick between rooting for the team that narrowly beat the Falcons last year and making Eagles fans happy. I still don’t know who to root for.

Minneapolis Exteriors And Landmarks - 2017 Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

I said there was no way I would watch this Super Bowl after we knew the New England Patriots would face off with the Philadelphia Eagles. But this isn’t like Pro Bowl. It can’t just be ignored. I have to watch it, but what team should I root for?

These options are terrible. The embodiment of evil, the New England Patriots, are likely the favorites. There is very little to like here. The Patriots have gotten caught cheating multiple times, Tom Brady is hawking his own line of fake performance products, and lets be honest, Boston fans are probably the second most unlikable fan base in sports. They are loud, dumb, terrible, and apparently spend most of their day emailing bloggers and writers who have slighted their team. The Patriots already have an obscene number of Super Bowl rings, and it is disgusting to think about seeing another parade through Boston. It’s certainly not helpful that Kyle Shanahan handed the Patriots last year’s Super Bowl.

Yes, the Patriots have the second worst fan base second to only Eagles fans. We have seen them boo Santa Claus, throw beer cans at opposing fans, and even punch horses. These fans have no Super Bowl win to make them feel better, which is honestly fantastic. If there’s a group of people that don’t deserve happiness, it’s Eagles fans. There’s nothing good about them, and the thought of them getting the Super Bowl monkey off of their back is also terrible.

It’s quite a conundrum, and I think the odds of ending in a tie is unlikely.

I’ve bounced between teams the last few days, and rooting for the Eagles makes me feel less dirty than rooting for the Patriots. Some of their players are even likeable, and I have no problem with their coaches. On the other hand, New England embodies so many things wrong with the NFL.

Who are you rooting for on Sunday?