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What’s the best place to watch the Super Bowl?

There’s no place like home.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is coming up, and despite the eternal grumbling over the matchup, I suspect most NFL fans will still watch it. The question is, where will you do so, particularly if you’re not an Eagles or Patriots fan and don’t have a city to roam with options?

Perhaps I’m a strange hermit (maybe more than perhaps), but I prefer to watch the game at home. I’ve spent my entire life as somewhat of a man in a foreign land when it comes to my NFL fandom, as I don’t have a single friend or family member who lives near me that is actually a Falcons fan. Most of you live, quite responsibly, in Georgia or surrounding areas, and getting together for a party with your fellow fans is probably a great time. Given the option of heading out to a large gathering or a bar filled with Patriots or sometimes Giants fans, I’ll stick to home, preferably with a handful of the least annoying New England fans in existence.

That’s where I’ve watched both Falcons Super Bowls, and I certainly didn’t regret not being surrounded by fans of other teams who had to watch me have a mental breakdown, especially after the last one. I’ll likely do it again this year, where I can enjoy a few beers and some chicken wings in peace, yelling at my television in peace. Man, I’m old.

How about you?